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3 Extreme Ways Of Saving Money
By Neil A Bartlett
Everyone is looking for ways to save money. While the President is doing what he can to help boost the economy we have to admit that it does take time. We all should also be doing what we can to make sure that we are taking care of our own. There are many ways that you can save money, some are creative, some are subtle and some areÖ well extreme. That is our focus here; we are going to tell you three extreme ways to save money.

When we say extreme we mean it. These arenít necessarily things that everyone would do or want to do. However they are good tips because you never really know how tight you will have to keep your budget if you main source of income goes away tomorrow. While there are some people that will go as far as making eggs or baking cookies on the car engine that is not what we are talking about here. We do have a tip though when it comes to your car and saving gas, which is turning your car off when you are at a stop or stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. For those that are looking for extreme measures that donít really make you cringe, read below.

Tip One: Make Your Home Carpet Free

You may be scratching your head on this one, but do you realize what it cost to maintain your carpet? To properly maintain that carpet you have to vacuum regularly which requires electricity. You also need to have the carpet steamed and shampooed a couple times a year. This isnít even taking into consideration the medical costs associated with carpet due to pet dander

and allergens and molds taking up residency in the fibers. While it may cost a little to get rid of the carpet upfront, it will save you over $200 a year once you get rid of it.

Tip Two: Move in With Mom and Dad

Regardless of how old you are or if you have a spouse and kids, you may want to take a look at living with mom and dad again. The reason for this is that it can significantly save for both you and your parents. Yes, you will lose some privacy, but overall it can be a better arrangement for all involved. Mom and dad get to bond with grandkids, expenses are shared which could easily save you $3000 a month.

Tip Three: Have a No-Spend Month

Yes, the thought may give you a headache but it can save you money. For 30 days hold you and your family to a no-spend agreement. Pick a dollar amount, a very low one, such as $250 and that is what you are going to live on for the entire month. That $250 has to cover your auto gas, entertainment, food and other daily expenses. This will force you to eat at home more and actually use the food in your cupboards and freezer. It will also make you keenly aware of what your spending habits are per month. You could easily save $1000 a month or more.

Yes these types are extreme but they can save you money, a lot of money. If you are facing tough economic times or you are just trying to prevent having a tough time consider our options. Based on our figures if you did all three you could save thousands a month.
Neil Bartlett is the founder of CheapInsider.com. Cheap Insider provides everyone with Tips and Techniques for saving money and finding bargains. To learn more and INSTANTLY grab his FREE report "10 Money Saving Tips" go to www.cheapinsider.com/specialoffer

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