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Is Unclaimed Property Money Real
By Arthor Pens
If you ever wondered that you had the ability to lead a better life, rest assured, your though was fairly practical and well researched. You might be one of the numerous deprived citizens who have thousands or even millions of dollars lying dormant in the form of unclaimed property money.

In a recent survey, it was found that an estimated $40 billion was lying with the state treasury as unclaimed property money. If you are a regular with the NBC, you must have overheard the news on Today Show, which clearly stated that billions of dollars were lying in lost assets while $62 million were with the US government in the form of uncashed refund checks.

Unclaimed property became a reality in Oprah Winfrey Show when the host did a live research and picked numerous audiences as those who had the right to unclaimed property money. She went on to state that seven out of every ten citizens had a stake in unclaimed property and that the was for real.

You would wonder how your hard earned ends up in the federal reserves. Well, it's fairly simple. When you get married or take up a new job, which requires you to move to another location, you tend to forget your bank accounts,

loose track of your utility deposits and shares or bonds and allow your financial assets to disappear. The funds are first passed to the respective banks where they stay as a potential working capital before being transferred to the respective state. The dormancy period lasts from three to five years. The funds then lie in the state treasury as unclaimed property until their rightful owners stake a valid claim to get it back.

The treasury has certain Outreach Programs in place to locate the rightful owners but due to the lack of manpower, only a select few are ever found and given their rightful dues. The remaining lies with the government as unclaimed property money.

If you wish to get your unclaimed property back, it is highly recommended that you do a thorough research on each state you have ever worked or lived in. If you would prefer to save time, search one convenient place for your unclaimed rather than searching in over 50 state databases and another dozen or so federal databases, you should search in an all-in-one database like the one offered by Cashunclaimed.com.

Don't let the government keep your money, conduct your search and find your unclaimed today!
Cashunclaimed offers more information about unclaimed money at www.cashunclaimed.com. CashUnclaimed's database unclaimed money search covers all state and federal databases. Click on www.cashunclaimed.com for a FREE unclaimed money search and locate your missing money today!

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